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Stacey Permaul MBACP Counselling & Psychotherapy in South East London and Online

It isn’t one size fits all

Therapy is about the relationship; the relationship IS the therapy. The connection we build as counsellor and client, that will be what determines the effectiveness of the therapy. Building that connection is different for each person. That is why I offer therapy in a diverse array of methods:

Face-to-face counselling and psychotherapy (50 minutes session)

Short-term (generally weekly or fortnightly): Most suitable for a specific issue that you would like to explore such as work-related anxiety; relationship issues, postnatal and prenatal anxiety or depression; miscarriage and baby loss.
The most traditional and conventional form of therapy. At my practice in East Dulwich. Sessions are led by you with regular contracted reviews to allow time for reflection and see what you feel still needs working through.

Long-term (weekly, fortnightly or once a month as you prefer): Most suitable if you are generally feeling quite lost, unmotivated or unsure about your life in some way. This may take the form of an addiction; mild depression or general overwhelm of new motherhood.
Perhaps you have experienced some trauma or loss that has yet to be processed and accepted? You might suffer from severely low self-esteem which is crippling your everyday life and beliefs in your own self-worth. Clients can work with me on an open-ended contract until they feel ready to continue on their path autonomously.

Online therapy (via video-call or telephone)

Most suitable if you would prefer the convenience of not having to travel to see me in a therapy room. It can also be hugely beneficial if you have mobility issues which make travelling to and from a therapy room difficult. Or perhaps you have experienced an event that now makes it feel difficult or scary to leave your house? Online therapy could be a good fit for you.
The added factor of familiar surroundings can also encourage a more relaxed state-of-mind to begin the therapeutic process. There is also a financial benefit as I can offer lower fees due to less overheads with online therapy.
Sessions last 50 mins.

Walking therapy

Most suitable if you find being outdoors relaxing and like the idea of physical moving forwards whilst emotionally working on moving forwards too. Perhaps the format of sitting face to face with a therapist feels daunting or intimidating? With walking therapy, you and I are side by side, so the focus on eye contact is not so pronounced.

The physiological effects of walking can hugely compliment the emotional and psychological benefit of therapy. The first session is carried out online in order to gain a deeper understanding of your needs and expectations of therapy. I then invite you to choose from a number of predetermined walks in various parks within South London.

Sessions last 50 minutes with rest breaks as and when desired by you.

Email counselling

This style of counselling may be suitable for you if you prefer expressing yourself through the written word. Perhaps your lifestyle makes it challenging to devote 50 consecutive minutes to therapy?

With email counselling, we work together on the issues going on for you right now over a specified number of email correspondences over the week. I will always aim to respond to an email within 48 hours. It can be a reflective and controlled style of therapy for some clients, who prefer to take time over the way they communicate their issues, rather than the spontaneity of face-to-face, walking or online therapy.

Book a free initial consultation

If you would like to talk a little more about what is bringing you to therapy, or to ask any questions about what might be the best form of therapy for you, please feel free to contact me to book a free initial consultation.

You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody - Maya Angelou

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